GINGICaine® Oral Anesthetic Gel in Syringe


20% benzocaine oral anesthetic in 1.2 ml syringes


GINGICaine® Oral Anesthetic Gel in Syringe

Gingi-Pak®, manufacturer of the preferred choice in topical anesthetics – the original GINGICaine ® Topical Gel, introduces GINGICaine® Oral Anesthetic Gel in Syringe form. Each syringe contains 1.2 ml of gel that allows the clinician to deliver GINGICaine® directly into sulcus to induce anesthesia right where it is needed each and every time, and without having to numb the patients’ whole mouth. Our proprietary micro needle tip features a 7 mm gauge mark and rounded end to eliminate poking or tearing the sulcus during delivery, making it ideal for a variety of procedures such as injections, root planing, scaling, gingival retractions and more. The 20% Benzocaine formula has a fast 15 sec. onset for safe and effective pain relief. The syringe kit is economical and contains 20 syringes per package. The gel has a great strawberry flavor preferred by the patients which doesn’t leave a medicinal aftertaste. GINGICaine ® Oral Anesthetic Gel in Syringe gives you perfect control for local anesthetics.



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