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Brief introduction of the new platform

Originally founded in 1955, Gingi-Pak has been a leader in soft tissue management product manufacturing. Its main product lines include three main categories: retraction cord, anesthetic topical and hemostatic liquid.

Pac-Dent International, Inc. was founded in 1992 and lives by its motto “Passion for Excellence”. It has earned its reputation as one of the best and reliable dental manufacturers and wholesalers in the dental industry. Pac-Dent has acquired 100% of the common and preferred stocks from Belport Co., Inc., the parent company of Gingi-Pak.

Former President/owner of Gingi-Pak, Ms. Patricia Bell, is very happy to see that Gingi-Pak, a company she inherited from her husband with more than 60 years of history “now has a new and bright future”. She thanks her loyal employees for staying with her throughout the years, and congratulates them on the company transition with much potential for growth and opportunities.

Customer’s benefits

By joining forces with Gingi-Pak, Pac-Dent can harness the knowledge and expertise of the Gingi-Pak team to better serve the loyal Gingi-Pak customers, who will benefit from the significantly enhanced production and logistics capabilities, new product development, as well as a wider array of services. The immediate enhancements include:
• On-time deliveries and services
• Better control of production and quality
• Stronger regulatory compliance
• Proactive communications with customers

Our promises to you

• You will work with a stronger team with many of the Gingi-Pak people you already know.
• Our fee structure will not change.
• We will keep running the Gingi-Pak company independently.

Gingi-Pak, is an accredited company, certified ISO 13485:2016