GINGIPaste™ Hemostatic Aluminum Chloride Retraction Paste

Hemostatic retraction paste containing 15% Aluminum Chloride



GINGIPaste™ Hemostatic Aluminum Chloride Retraction Paste


GINGIPaste is a hemostatic retraction paste containing 15% Aluminum Chloride and has an astringent effect on the gingiva. The paste is used for temporary gingival retraction and hemostasis during dental procedures such as taking an impression, cementation and cavity preparation. GINGIPaste is available in syringe with bendable intra-oral tips for precise delivery and unit dose.


Crown and Bridge with Retraction Cap or Retraction Cord

The included retraction caps allow GINGIPaste to provide quick and easy tissue retraction for any crown and bridge impression by facilitating sulcus injection to create gentle and effective gingival retraction. Use the cap within 2 minutes of biting pressure to fasten hemostasis while the cotton cap absorbs any excess fluid in the sulcus. GINGIPaste can also be used with retraction cords.


Routine Hemostasis

GINGIPaste with 15% Aluminum Chloride effectively controls gingival bleeding and prevents crevicular seepage for any procedures requiring hemostasis. By dispensing the paste at the bleeding site, the astringent paste easily stops hemorrhaging and provides temporary shrinkage of the tissue without any additional trauma.


Other Applications

GINGIPaste is also highly effective for tissue management during dental restoration, gingival displacement prior to a CAD-CAM scan, rubber dam clamps placement, teeth bleaching, and subgingival cavity restoration.


  • 15% Aluminum Chloride formula for 2 minute effective retraction without the need for a second cord
  • Bendable tips for easy application directly into the sulcus
  • Easy rinse-off without leaving a residue
  • Gentle, soft, and fast

Ordering Information

GINGIPaste™ Unit Dose Intro Pack, 24 x 0.25g unit doses, 1 x dispensing gun

GINGIPaste™ Unit Dose Pack, 24 x 0.25g unit doses

GINGIPaste™ Syringe Pack, 7 x 0.7g syringes, and 15 dispensing tips

GINGIPaste™ Unit Dose Dispensing Gun, 1/pk

GINGIPaste™ Syringe Dispensing Tip, 50/pk