Original Cord

Gingi-Pak Original 2-Ply and Crown-Pak 4-Ply Retraction Cords



Original Retraction Cords


Our original cords were introduced more than 50 years ago, yet they remain the product of choice for dentists who want the ability to “do it themselves” and adjust the physical qualities of the cord to match the individual clinical situations they encounter.


Both the Original 2-Ply and Crown-Pak 4-ply cord are wound loosely so that the strands may be separated, twisted or combined to make them ideal for use in the gingival sulcus regardless of the size or condition.


The natural strong, yet soft and pliant 100% cotton cord is suitable for all techniques, including the 2-cord technique. The original 2-ply cord is available non-impregnated or impregnated with dl-epinephrine for hemostasis. Our original 2-Ply is hand-impregnated to assure delivery of a consistent dosage of 0.5 mg of solution per linear inch. Each bottle of original 2-ply contains 108 inches (274cm) of the cord.


4-Ply Crown-Pak Retraction Cord is impregnated with dl-epinephrine for hemostasis. Each bottle contains 108 inches (274cm).


  • 100% cotton
  • Strands are easily separated, twisted or combined
  • Exclusive Kutter Kap® eliminates waste and cross contamination


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Original Cords



Gingi-Pak® MAX  Cord 2-ply
Gingi-Pak® Max  Cord 4-ply



Gingi-Plain® MAX  Cord 2-ply

Safety Data Sheet

Original Cords Safety Data Sheet


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