Kromatica Alginate Impression Material

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Kromatica Alginate Impression Material

Color changing and dust free.
Easy to use, thus eliminating the remake of appliances.
Minimum body flow and short duration in the mouth offers maximum patient comfort.
Patient pleasing cherry, mint and bubblegum flavors.
Meets American Dental Association Spec. 18 and ISO 1563


10 pound case consisting of
ten 1 pound aluminum foil pouches and 1 empty can

Product No. Packaging
305-101 Cherry, Fast Set
305-105 Cherry, Normal Set
305-102 Mint, Fast Set
305-106 Mint, Normal Set
305-103 Bubblegum, Fast Set
305-107 Bubblegum, Normal Set
305-104 Non-Flavor, Fast Set
305-108 Non-Flavor, Normal Set


Twelve 1 pound containers per case

Product No. Packaging
305-121 Cherry, Fast Set
305-125 Cherry, Normal Set
305-122 Mint, Fast Set
305-126 Mint, Normal Set
305-123 Bubblegum, Fast Set
305-127 Bubblegum, Normal Set
305-124 Non-Flavor, Fast Set
305-128 Non-Flavor, Normal Set


20 pound Box consisting of
Twenty 1 pound aluminum boil pouches and 1 empty can

Product No. Packaging
305-201 Cherry, Fast Set
305-205 Cherry, Normal Set
305-202 Mint, Fast Set
305-206 Mint, Normal Set
305-203 Bubblegum, Fast Set
305-207 Bubblegum, Normal Set
305-204 Non-Flavor, Fast Set
305-208 Non-Flavor, Normal Set


50 pound Bulk

Product No. Packaging
305-501 Cherry, Fast Set
305-505 Cherry, Normal Set
305-502 Mint, Fast Set
305-506 Mint, Normal Set
305-503 Bubblegum, Fast Set
305-507 Bubblegum, Normal Set
305-504 Non-Flavor, Fast Set
305-508 Non-Flavor, Normal Set


Color Changing Chart

Fast Set

Normal Set


Lilac (light purple)

Lilac (light purple)

Load the mixing
into the tray

When color is pink

When color is pink

Inserting in the mouth

When color starts to
change from pink to

When color is white


1. To obtain a proper measure, tumble the canister to fluff the product.

2. Scoop powder and tap gently to eliminate voids and level off excess with spatula. (Mixing Ratio: Add 1/3 measure (20ml) of water per scoop (8 gm) of powder.)

3. Mix thoroughly for 35 to 45 seconds until smooth consistency develops.

4. Load impression tray. Read the chart for color changing.

5. Rinse patients mouth with warm water.

6. Insert filled tray in the mouth. Hold for one minute after loss of tackiness.

7. For best model surface, wait 45 minutes before separating model from impression.

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