RootPro® Root Canal Sealer


RootPro® Root Canal Sealer

RootPro® is an outstanding Zinc Oxide Eugenol root canal sealer with exceptional bonding properties to composite and resin materials. Trouble free mixing, RootPro®  mixes perfectly every time right at your fingertips with the automix syringe tips and easily dispenses the proper amounts without any waste of material. Simple and convenient, RootPro®’s combination of automixing fill technique and setting period of 10 minute or less minimizes the time required for obturation.

  • Ready to use, thoroughly seals the canal
  • Perfect mix every time with the automix delivery tip
  • Radiopaque for clear x-ray analysis
  • Bonds with composites or resin-based core materials
  • Setting time in 10 minutes or less, ideally for gutta-percha points to harden
  • Effective obturation in less time

® Root Canal Sealer

RootPro® Root Canal Sealer
AutoMix Tips, Taper End 50/pack