EtchPro® Etching Gel

38% phosphoric acid solution


EtchPro® Etching Gel


EtchPro is a deep blue etchant containing a 38% phosphoric acid solution, and is ideally used for etching enamel, dentin and procelain before adhesive restorations. EtchPro’s uniquely formulated gel mixes evenly and never separates while maintaining a superior self-leveling viscosity to penetrate deeply for an optimal sealant bond.


EtachPro can be dispensed easily with Gingi-Pak’s pre-bent needle tip for precise placement, and will rinse clearly without residue.


  • Superior viscosity with self-leveling to allow maximal penetration that does not run
  • Never separates, easy to use each and every time
  • Rinses cleanly without residue
  • Deep blue color for optimal visibility

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® Etching Gel


EtchPro Gel Syringe Econo, 20/pack
EtchPro Gel Syringe, Reg. 4/pack
25 Ga., etch, Blue, 100/pack