AquaLoid ® Precision Reversible Hydrocolloid Purple Extra Strength – 5-10 minute Temper


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AquaLoid ® Precision Reversible Hydrocolloid

Gingi-Pak ® , the industry leader in soft tissue management, introduces AquaLoid ® Precision
Reversible Hydrocolloid impression material. AquaLoid ® materials compliment the Gingi-Pak
line of products to meet the needs of dentist who have been working with hydrocolloid for
AquaLoid ® is manufactured using a specialized blend of selected agar from around the world.
Regarded as one of the best ways to cast precision impressions; AquaLoid ® Hydrocolloid
formula provides the most consistent and accurate impressions for crowns, bridges, partials,
inlays and onlays. AquaLoid ® is available in three different tempering varieties to meet each
dentist specific needs.


AquaLoid ® Blue Fast Temper – 3-5 minute Temper

Fast Tempering for concise, accurate impressions

AquaLoid ® Green Heavy Bodied – 5-7 minute Temper
The standard in hydrocolloid. A firm smooth consistency that blends strength, with quick temper
times for consistent results every time.
AquaLoid ® Purple Extra Strength – 5-10 minute Temper
The strongest hydrocolloid available on the market. A firm viscosity that produces impressions
that virtually eliminates tearing or breaking.


All AquaLoid ® varieties cool within 5 minutes in the mouth, for the patients comfort and can be
stored up to 5 days after liquefaction. Hydrocolloid is the most economical alternative to
expensive silicone materials. For perfect impressions without sacrificing time or money,
AquaLoid ® reversible hydrocolloid, available in 12 or 144 pack cartons.


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