Stasis® in Syringe

15.5 mg/ml hemostatic gel in syringe



Stasis® in Syringe


Stasis in the syringe is viscous spearmint flavored, amber-colored glycerol/aqueous gel containing 15.5 mg/ml Ferric Sulfate (15.5%). Stasis is one of the most effective and safest topical hemostyptic agents. Stasis delivers rapid hemostasis by the formation of coagulate plugs within the capillary orifices without potential cardiovascular side effects.


  • Will not flow onto the surrounding tissue
  • Quickly controls bleeding in seconds
  • Facilitate the soft tissue healing process
  • Place easily
  • Available in 1.2 ml and 30 ml prefilled syringe


Padded-end Brush Tip

The brush tip is designed to place hemostatic agents precisely and removes superficial coagulum. The curved and blunt cannula provides optimal visibility for hemostatic gel delivery. Padded-end brush tip gives great flow controls.


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Ordering Information

Stasis® in Syringe


4 x 1.2 ml prefilled Stasis® syringes, 8 x brush tips

1 x 30 ml prefilled Stasis® syringe, 20 x brush tips, 20 x 1.2 ml empty syringes, 1 x docking port