Silicone Handle Instruments

Work Fast and Comfortably with Greater Control



Silicone Handle Instruments


Gingi-Pak silicone-handled instruments enable the clinician to work quickly and comfortably with greater control.


Nemetz cord packers feature 45 degree offset blade angle to reduce end-to-end flipping and finely etched edges for better cord traction without pulling or snagging, special “tactile” grips of soft, autoclavable silicone.


The Stark cord placer is suitable for anterior or posterior cord and braid placement. Features a stainless-steel handle with a soft silicone grip and a fnished Titanium nitrate head. The GTX
nonstick coating helps prevent adhering to cord and tissue fuids and is ideal for packing woven retraction cord. Weighing less than 24gms, it works quickly and comfortably with greater


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Silicone-Handled Instruments


Nemetz #3 Cord Packer (Posterior)
Stark Cord Placer GTX(Posterior/Anterior)


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